Our aim and basic motive for establishing the Science Section at Vijay’s Institute in with association with Pioneers Group Tutorials is to provide the best quality of teaching through the highly qualified and experienced professors under one roof. When students take private tuitions from individual professors they have to travel one place to another and also face the difficulty in managing lectures and test schedule of different professors. We at Vijay’s Institute in association with Pioneers Group Tutorials are tackling this problem by providing guidance of the best professors (Private tutors) of all the subjects under one roof with synchronized timetable for lectures and tests.

Why Vijay’s-PGT over Other Private Tuitions?

  • More experienced teachers with consistent results for more than 30 years.
  • Less number of teachers per subject to maintain a better students’ connect with the topics taught.
  • Subsequent lectures of same teachers with no gaps.
  • College tie ups (Integrated Program)
  • Competitive environment at Vijay’s-PGT to provide the necessary edge and exposure to students.
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